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We train actors full-time on our unique one year acting course in stage and screen acting, part-time in small friendly group acting classes in Glasgow, we coach individual actors and other professionals privately, we work with professional clients all over the world, we help actors and performers, and those that want to be.

We also provide comprehensive drama school audition coaching in person and via Skype. We give our clients the tools they need to deliver their optimal performance when it counts the most.

Our students are BAFTA and Oscar Winners, have appeared in Hollywood and Indie films, on stage The Globe and the RSC, in the West End, at the RNT, the National Theatre of Scotland, on US, UK and Canadian television series and are training in drama schools around the world.

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"It's not an exaggeration to say ACS changed by life" - Sorcha Groundsell

"I learned the 2 most important things are the script and the other actor. The way that Mark teaches pushes you for the truth in every single moment; it gives what you are doing endless possibilities" - Bobby Rainsbury

"This man taught me more than I could have hoped for. Eloquent yet straight talking, he manages to open an actors eyes to the truth of the moment and keep them there. Thanks Mark" - Ross William Wild Davidson

7 reviews

  1. Stand out from the Amateur and become a Professional

    When I joined Acting Coach Scotland’s roster I was a complete beginner. I had never acted before but it had always appealed to me. I knew nothing about the industry, I had never taken a class and was as amateur as it gets.

    After an audition and interview I was accepted on to their One Year Full Time Professional Diploma and in that single year they helped transform me into a Professional, ready to enter the industry with a myriad of tools under my belt.

    Beyond simply teaching the technique of acting, Acting Coach Scotland will help to shape your mindset and approach to acting in a no nonsense, practical way by focusing on the craft. The tools I developed in my year at ACS will be ones which I continue to use throughout my career as they are applicable to every piece of work I could hope for. It’s not an exaggeration to say that ACS taught me everything I know in regards to acting, and the knowledge and experience which they have to draw on is invaluable.

    ACS is the perfect place to cut through the nonsense and develop usable tools which will improve the craft of your acting at any level.

  2. Get ahead in Acting...

    I have been involved with ACS for over 2 years and they have changed not only how I view acting but how I now act. The team at ACS work so hard to give you the best guidance and tutoring to enable you to feel more confident in you ability not only for stage and screen but for life in general…
    I now have an agent, credits and a spotlight registration all thanks to ACS…

  3. An amazing place!

    I stumbled across ACS after a couple of years as a professional actor. What a breath of fresh air! I quickly picked up a set of dependable tools I could apply to any acting situation. Solid, practical advice which MAKES SENSE! The principles taught at ACS have stayed with me to this day and shaped how I look at acting as an art form. Anyone serious about becoming a more powerful, truthful actor needs to get along to ACS. An amazing place!

  4. I found his book "Truth in Action" and devoured it in one sitting. It's pretty much revolutionised my approach to both acting and teaching.

    I came across Mark whilst searching for some new and innovative ways to approach my work as an acting coach. I found his book “Truth in Action” and devoured it in one sitting. It’s pretty much revolutionised my approach to both acting and teaching.
    I contacted Mark to find out more and he is extremely generous, approachable, supportive and inspirational, and is always happy to answer any questions or
    queries I’ve had.

    I was fortunate enough to help organise and attend a weekend workshop with Mark, and it really opened my eyes to how acting training can be practical and accessible, without all the mythological nonsense…

    I only wish I lived closer to Glasgow, so I could learn more!

  5. I cannot be more grateful for my ACS family!

    I joined ACS as a part-time student. After my first class, I remember thinking: “This is the right place for me.” Practical Aesthetics approach makes sense and leaves no space for bringing bullshit to acting. You are given the tools and you work with them in order to understand any scene you come across. No bullshit. No nonsense games. Only meaningful exercises that actually help you to improve your performance, and deepen your understanding of the craft of acting. And although you might often feel stupid or incompetent, you’re being supported and encouraged by coaches at all times because ‘It’s OKAY to f**k it up!’

    I hadn’t done any acting before I joined ACS. I was nervous, self-conscious and anything but confident standing in front of people and performing. However, I was determined to learn and keep working hard and improving everyday. ACS gave me the right tools and support to develop the mindset and confidence necessary for any successful actor. At the time of writing this review, I am a few weeks away from finishing the One Year Full Time Course at ACS and receiving the Professional Diploma in Stage and Screen Performance. I had a chance to perform publicly in theatre productions, work with industry professionals on film sets, and be part of many other projects during this year. It’s been a ride! And I cannot be more grateful for my ACS family!

  6. I had one to one coaching sessions for a year with Mark Westbrook at ACS in preparation for drama school auditions and can honestly say it helped me improve more than any other form of acting tuition I’ve had.
    My confidence and self-belief increased unbelievably and I got more recalls than ever before!
    I’d highly recommend to anyone who wants to pursue drama as a career.

  7. So glad I went for it!!

    Before ACS, apart from a few classes and a couple of am shows back in Italy, my training and experience in acting had mostly been in front of a mirror on my own repeating scenes from movies or so.
    I have always been attracted to acting but never really had the chance to properly study it.

    I am a professional dancer so that obviously took a lot of my time but when I moved to Scotland and found out about ACS, I knew it was a great opportunity and decided I did not want to miss it.
    It was pretty late and the Full Time Course was about to start but Mark and Nick allowed me to audition anyway and then accepted me.

    I could not be more thankful for that: I have been given solid tools that I will be using throughout my career, I have been pushed from day one to become completely independent when preparing scenes and shows, I have learned not only the artistic part of acting but the business, professional and psychological part with Mark’s own guide “Inner Game of Acting”, I have met awesome and important people from the business, lived professional experiences such as The Fringe and I have shared all this with wonderful, like-minded people whom I will hopefully be able to work with again in the future.

    I already feel so grown and different since the beginning of the course, confidence wise mostly, and althought I strongly believe we never stop learning and that we should always keep training and studying, I also know that I can now call myself an actress and work as one.

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